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See What My Clients Are Saying

At Preet Interior Design, I do everything to make sure my customers are satisfied with my work. Everything I do is born from a collaboration with each client, and I make sure they’re involved throughout the whole process to ensure they get the results they want. Here are just some reviews from my satisfied clients. Read what they have to say and contact me today!

Preet and her team were amazing to work with and transformed my itsy bitsy vintage condo into the high-end luxurious vacation pad that I was looking for. I was operating from my home in New Jersey and Preet made it super easy to make my selections on everything from appliances to vases. She went above and beyond accommodating my busy schedule and added every extra touch I imagined. She blended comfort  and style to create a showcase unit reflecting the surrounding  Chinatown vibe. Her service was unbelievable, even coming to my rescue when I spilled red wine on the custom sofa she selected - another five stars for her. 

I would highly recommend Preet to anyone looking to hire a designer who really listens to her clients and delivers in every way.

Jennifer Molero

Philadelphia PA 

Major home renovation can be an overwhelming undertaking, and not without hiccups, false starts, delays, and sometimes even outright failures. Through it all you keep asking yourself the same question: "Is this really worth it?" As you dwell within the finished product that is your new home, and assess the decisions that lead to where you sit today, you ask yourself, "Did I make all the best choices that I could have?" For some things you might second guess, for others you might know absolutely that you could have done better. But one thing I know for certain that I did right when I began renovating my home was hiring Preet Dhillon.

Preet helped me plan an extensive remodel of my newly purchased Lawrenceville Condominium. I wanted a great place that I could share with my Wife. 

On the first evening we met, Preet sat with my Wife and I on the floor of our then empty condo and we began to build a vision for the home we've come to live in. The colors, the lines, the materials and the decor were the result of intense collaboration and lots of frank discussions. Over the next week and into the successive months of construction there were a lot of opinions, a lot of ideas and a lot of compromises; but eventually we landed on some great visions for a home that everyone was excited to see created... a massive undertaking to say the least.

I want to say that creating that home and seeing that vision brought into reality happened without incident, painless and stress-free. That didn't happen. But for the role she played in updating our home Preet was always gracious, proactive, professional, kind, outgoing, punctual, available, communicative, productive, knowledgeable, compromising, visionary, and generous. She commanded and guided us through some very difficult development phases. She worked within a collaborative environment where I wanted to be available to approve every detail but could not be due to job constraints... I know that wasn't easy for her and there were even some missteps as a result but she took them in stride. "I want you to love your home," was her catchphrase, and she absolutely meant it, and proved it both by word and by actions.

It is now a year since the last updates were made to my home. The aftermath of some unexpected consequences during that period still linger on, but as I sit and look at the finished product that is my home I can say absolutely that I (and my Wife) love it, and that the vision-turned-reality would not have been possible without the incredible collaboration of Preet Dhillon and her team. Everyone who comes to visit is blown away by the design, and comes to love our condo as much as we do. Our condo is truly a hidden gem in the hills of Oakland, thanks to Preet and her team.

Preet is a 5-star recommendation for anyone looking for an interior design team that can:

-  Keep you abreast of the latest trends in interior design, furnishing and materials and make more suggestions than you can shake a stick at.

- Work with you to build a distinct living space that is uniquely your own.

- Tap into the hidden structural potentials of your live/work space.

- Manage contractors and sub-contractors directly or in collaboration with you.

- Be flexible, compromising and proactive when unforeseen difficulties arise.

- Bring a personal and professional attitude to every interaction that makes you feel like you made all the right choices!

Steve D'Allasendro

Lawrenceville, NJ 

Preet is awesome. Full stop. She completely transformed our loft in a way that we had never considered - it seemed like we were "trapped" into a specific room configuration just by the logistics but yet her magical brain and team broke through it. It was an amazing - and so pleasant! experience. We would unreservedly recommend Preet and her team to anyone looking for creative, colorful, and unconventional interpretations of space that coulda-shoulda been standard. We quite literally have people asking for her name every time they come into our home. Thanks Preet and team!

Priyanka Gunjal

New Brunswick, NJ 

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